We are a strategic partner to colleges, universities, and secondary schools, as well as students. We work with each audience differently, meeting individual needs with enthusiasm, innovation, and the confidence that together we can exceed expectations!

Undergraduate Recruitment »

You have an undergraduate class to fill. We have unparalleled access to the students you want and need. Our integrated strategies combine the tried and true, and the bold and new. Let Carnegie help you reach, engage, and ultimately enroll your undergraduate class.

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Graduate Recruitment »

Your graduate prospects are out there—let us help you find them. At Carnegie, we deploy audience-first strategies and take into account the specific behaviors of your degree seekers, allowing us to meet them where they are with strategies that move the needle. Graduate professionals: we can help promote your priority programs, generate awareness for your college, and build a steady lead flow. Let’s develop an integrated plan for your graduate student recruitment.

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Transfer Recruitment »

Your transfer students are an important part of your community and your enrollment plans, but finding the right fit students in the volumes necessary can be tricky. We have answers for your transfer student recruitment queries. We use digital strategies to raise transfer enrollments, events, and inquiry pools. We leverage our leading college search engine, CollegeXpress, to give you visibility and let students know you are transfer friendly. Let’s talk transfer.

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Online Program Recruitment

Enrollment in your online programs is directly correlated to your online presence and brand awareness. As the leaders in digital marketing, we can help you foster the online reputation you need to enroll your online class. Let’s talk frequency of message, program-specific promotion, full-funnel strategies, and comprehensive approach.

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Adult and Continuing Education Recruitment

At Carnegie, we deploy audience-first strategies, taking into account the specific behaviors of your degree seekers. Adult and continuing education students are looking for convenience, price point, degrees that will accelerate their careers, and a flexible education format. Let’s get flexible with your marketing strategies and think digital! Carnegie will help generate awareness, promote your value proposition, and build a steady pipeline for your adult and continuing ed programs with our leading digital marketing services.

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International Recruitment »

You’re looking for international students who will thrive as a part of your community. We have access to over 200,000 international students in 175 countries through our premier international college search guide. Is there a strategic country or city where you recruit or would like to? We can leverage your brand in that location with our leading digital marketing services.

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Multicultural and Diversity Recruitment

For many colleges and universities, a diverse campus is part of the educational experience. And part of attracting a diverse student population is letting your prospects know you value a diverse community. We offer integrated marketing options to help achieve your multicultural recruitment goals.

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Faith-Based Recruitment

Founded in faith, your institution’s mission resonates with students who identify themselves as Christian or Catholic. We offer integrated marketing options to help achieve your faith-based recruitment goals.

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Private K-12 & Summer Program Recruitment »

As a secondary school administrator, you have enrollment goals to meet, plus the challenge of finding the right audiences without the formats higher education recruitment benefit from. You need to enroll a class, increase your awareness in the market, and ask families to consider you over your competitors. Perhaps you have summer programs to promote too? We can help develop an integrated marketing plan for your enrollment needs.

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Students »

Are you a student searching for the right college? Through our leading college search website CollegeXpress, you have access to thousands of school profiles, unique lists and rankings, and valuable scholarship information. We also offer helpful articles about navigating the college search process, test prep, and study abroad. And for college students, there is content on internships and careers, graduate school,  and more!

Looking for summer camps or pre-college programs? Check out our Summer Program Search!

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Agencies »

As a leader in educational marketing for over 30 years, we pride ourselves in the work we do on behalf of our education clients. But our work doesn’t always have to be directly with the institution—we are happy to collaborate with agencies that serve them. As experts in the higher education vertical, we are happy to consult with other firms and make recommendations grounded in our experience. We often work with other firms to provide comprehensive services to clients where our lead generation platform, publications, and digital marketing services add value.