Gender Crimes In USA – The Duplicate Face of Hate and Wickedness

God created the Universe and then sent Humans to populate it, decorate it and enjoy the blessings bestowed on them by their creationist. He created relations, families, friends, all for humans to endure and adore. However, humans divided themselves into boundaries, religions, casts and cultures; destroyed and misused his environment and even destroyed the beautiful gender distinction. Male and female who were made to complement each other, grew apart, started disliking one another, and even became sworn enemies in some cases. This gave birth to multiple issues, one of the most prominent of them being Gender Crimes or Hate Crimes.

Crimes committed against a specific gender are termed as Gender Crimes; these include rape, forced prostitution, and many more. Gender crimes, in today’s world are not just because of hatred but are a source of putting a particular gender down, seeking revenge, generating profits and even seeking pleasure. Lately, many countries including USA are including gender crimes as categories in federal and state hate laws. However, in many parts of the world, gender crimes are usually not listed under hate crimes, they’re most commonly considered to be war crimes – the gender crimes committed during conflicts and wars like the Rwandan Genocide and Yugoslavian Civil War etc.


The Department of Justice of the USA defines Rape as “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim”. To be more specific, rape is forced act of sexual penetration without the consensus of the target. Rape can be of various types including marital rapes, prison rapes, gang rapes etc. Though, despite of being one of the most common crime, is underreported as the victim is usually threatened and pressurized by the rapist or even his/ her own family and surroundings, in US, only 34.8% of the total number of sexual assaults were reported in 2013. The total number of rapes reported in USA in the year 2013, were 173,600+.

Despite popular beliefs, women aren’t the only victims of this hideous crime, it has been reported that 38% of rapes and sexual assaults are against men. However, rapes in men are even more underreported than those in women, because in addition to the external of respect, male ego is used as a tool to prevent the male victims from reporting this crime.


Femicide is defined as the killing of women by men due to various reasons, including cultural, religious and personal reasons. Author Diana Russell describes femicide as “the killing of females by males because they are females”. These killings are powered by various reasons including misogyny, domestic violence, sexual pleasure, sense of superiority and many more. There are various types of femicide including serial femicide, intimate partner femicide, corrective rape, lesbicide, racist Femicide etc.

Femicide in the USA kills over 1300 women every year. Usually, the reported cases of femicide have long and torturous histories of domestic violence, rapes and forced prostitutions. Although, the entire nation of the United States is affected by the virus of femicide, the Southeast and Southwest parts of the country are the biggest contributors to the statistics. Sadly, over 73% of the reported Femicide cases in the USA take place inside the women’s house or includes some blood relative, husband, in laws or lover of the victim.


The murder of a person by the members of his/ her family as a punishment of deviation from the family’s traditions or expectations is called honour killing. The victims of these killings are accused with non-conformity to the family’s anticipations or bringing shame and disgrace to the family’s name and prestige. The reason behind these killings can be as big as infidelity, eloping, homosexuality or as small as refusing to an arranged marriage, inappropriate dressing, addictions, seeking divorce. Often rape victims are murdered by their own families as they are believed to be a source of humiliation and indignity for them, as their dignities and piousness has been compromised.

In the USA, honour killings are viewed under the umbrella of domestic killings, and hence, making it very difficult to discourage or prevent it properly. However, it is reported that almost 90% of the honour killings in the USA involve Muslim families, and the usual causes of the crime include unacceptable western lifestyle of kids, marriage or liking outside of religion, conversion to other religions, refusing arranged marriage, live in or intimate relationships and many more.


Forced or involuntary prostitution is referred to as the act of forcing or luring a person into prostitution by a third party against their will. It’s not uncommon for people to capture and force women into prostitution, in fact every year over 70,000 women are brought into the US against their will and are baited into prostitution. Different mediums including false promises and fake job opportunities are used to entice poor, innocent women. In the modern day US, media is the most commonly used tool for these kinds of shameful acts.

In USA, the girls that are forced into prostitution are as young as 12 to 14 years as reported by EPCAT USA – an organization working against human-trafficking and child prostitution. Sometimes, the reported age of girls forced into this demining act is as young as 7 to 9 years.

Gender crimes are a shame to our society, they are a big contributor to the reason why people aren’t safe even inside the boundaries of their own house, why people have a hard time trusting their own shadow, why people are on a watch out even for their family members, why people are afraid to live their lives the way they want. And even if a person survives these hideous crimes, the incident is imprinted on their minds and souls for the rest of their lives, and our society, instead of supporting these people and helping them live a normal life, look down upon them. If we really want our society to emerge, we need to hold hands and walk towards the day where there’ll be no crimes, no discrimination and no negativity.