Post-Launch Campaign Optimization With Social Media Analytics

Campaign Optimization with Social Media Analytics

Here are three areas that when carefully monitored can suggest changes or major course corrections to campaigns in progress. We’ve inserted an IFTTT section after each of these optimization issues as a reminder that if you’re seeing surprises, it could be time for a re-think.

How big is the conversation?

What is the preferred platform?

How big is the conversation? At the start of a campaign, as soon as the first message has been released, get a benchmark of the size of the social conversation focusing on the factors you’ve identified as important to your campaign. This could be brand name, product name, competitive product names and activity, mentions of specific copy used in marketing, conversations about specific benefits mentioned in the campaign etc. You can use an endless number of ‘tags’ to filter the conversation in a way that tells you how many people are talking about anything related to your campaign. Be sure to keep an eye on the volume of the conversation as the campaign continues. The timing of any ups and downs could reveal important insights.

If the initial increase in chatter is not sufficient:

IFTTT: Make certain that your brand and brand benefits are clearly stated and that the initial volley of the campaign is reaching enough of your prospects. Are there other channels you’re not utilizing that could help jumpstart the conversation? Does the message need to be broadened?

Who’s doing the talking? It’s simple and enormously valuable to know the gender, age and geographic distribution of the people you’re hoping to engage with your campaign. But just as valuable is the depth of consumer knowledge that Social Media Analytics can offer, and it goes well beyond simple demographics.

Social Media Analytics lets you paint highly detailed portraits of your consumers. You can discover what they liked or didn’t like about your messaging. You can find out if they are sharing anything relevant with their own personal networks. And if you want to look at a broader context, you can probably discover what kind of car they drive and what they had for breakfast. Social Media Analytics can tell you with high degree of accuracy, who’s in the conversation about your campaign.

If this group doesn’t line up with what you feel are the best prospects:

IFTTT: Because you can ‘know’ your audience so well, you now have the opportunity to study whether demographic info, or deep profile info such as affinities and interests suggest that you take a second look at your basic proposition. Does your campaign offer a clear solution to an existing problem? Is the messaging in line with the audience’s interests?

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