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Higher Education Marketing Strategies that Get Results

Being a higher ed marketer today can be challenging. No only are you burdened with managing your marketing strategy and initiatives day-to day, you might also be marketing to the entire campus, while other campaigns also trying to reach prospective students, alumni, and more.  The good news is you can overcome these obstacles. When you […]

Automated Higher Education Marketing: You’re Doing it Wrong

College companies have in existing years been investing more loan and time on digital marketing, which is a great concept due to the truth that basic marketing is just “dated.” With everyone preventing TV ads and couple of people thinking of paper and publication commercials, putting your ads there would be a substantial wild-goose chase. […]

5 Social Media Tips for Recruiting College Students

  Some companies instinctively “get it.” They know how to use social media to connect with college students and drive interest in career opportunities.  Others struggle with these relatively new methods of communication. Like cramming square pegs into round holes, they try forcing their old strategies for communicating with young talent into new media platforms […]

6 Months After Racist Incidents, UNH Says Campus Diversity Work “Is Just Beginning”

The Memorial Union Building at UNH. Credit University of New Hampshire Last May, the atmosphere on campus at UNH was tense. A video showing a confrontation between students about racist stereotypes on Cinco de Mayo went viral. So did images of students wearing blackface. Swastikas and racial slurs started showing up graffitied on campus. Then, sculptures installed […]

Rising College Tuitions Hurt Campus Diversity

As college tuition continues to rise at a staggering rate, people tend to worry about how much harder it becomes for students and families to pay for college. As researchers who focus on higher education, we found a different reason to worry. The longstanding assumption that colleges are adequately preparing students for life and work should be called into question by […]

Cal State trustees pick UC Davis campus diversity leader to be San Diego State’s new president

California State University’s Board of Trustees has appointed Adela de la Torre the new president of San Diego State, reflecting a push by the nation’s largest public university system to diversify its top campus leaders. De la Torre, who is currently the vice chancellor of student affairs and campus diversity at UC Davis, is the […]

10 Higher Education Marketing Trends That Will Make You Smarter

The higher education world is morphing into a completely new species. Its constantly changing form has affected student opinions of further study and how they engage with individual institutions. Not surprising, really, considering college no longer has the high-brow draw of yesteryear, and instead conjures up images of unrealistic student loans and a world of […]

Instagram Lead Generation for Higher Education Marketing

Over the past few years in social media advertising, lead generation ad formats have made it easier than ever for colleges and universities to collect quality prospective student leads directly from social media platforms. On both LinkedIn and Facebook, when a user clicks a lead generation ad, a form pops up within the platform with […]

Post-Launch Campaign Optimization With Social Media Analytics

Campaign Optimization with Social Media Analytics Here are three areas that when carefully monitored can suggest changes or major course corrections to campaigns in progress. We’ve inserted an IFTTT section after each of these optimization issues as a reminder that if you’re seeing surprises, it could be time for a re-think. How big is the […]

Branding, Diversity and Technology

Branding is the key to business success. Whether you’re a small, locally owned electronics repair service, or a multinational corporation, a strong brand will set you apart from your competition. Successful branding is a complex, multifaceted process. It’s both an art and science, combining detailed, accurate data analysis with an intuitive understanding of what your […]