Knowing African Americans Today

According to the census,  there are about 44,456,009 African American and Black people living in America. It is about 14.2% of the population of America. In District Colombia, 51% people are black the highest, and the lowest in Idaho and Montana, which is 1% only.

The poverty rate is 28.1% in Black and African American communities higher than all other minority communities in America, according to the census of 2012. It was increasing during the period of 2005 to 2012.  African Americans the black elderly were also taking public assistance like cash assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and housing /section 8. During 2013 about 41.5%, black people were using food stamps. In 2013 census, black male people were 48%, and females were 52%.The education rate of blacks was also not very good, most that attended college did not complete their degree. We see that only 17% of black men have Bachelor’s degree compared to 30% of all men. African Americans have a low rate of labor force ranging from age 16 to 64.They don’t bother on working they either are full-time students disabled, or they have stopped looking for work. In the year 2013, African American males who worked full-time at median earnings of $37,290 as compared to $48,099 per annum. About 6% of black men at working age ranging (18-64years) are in federal jails or municipal jails, but other men are only 2% that is about three times higher than that. About 14% of black men are veterans in U.S army which is slightly less than the other man. About 16% of black men are considered as disabled whereas other men’s are 11%. The percentage of married black men is less than the other men. The divorce rate is also high in black men the widowed rate is less in black people as compared to the other. Black Race, men, like to marry with black women, not with other. Black people are more religious than others. Black women seem to be younger till the age of 35 while other are younger at 39.Only 57% of black women have attended college but only and 39% have completed their associate degree. Black women are successful than black men in getting an education. About 22% of black women have a bachelor’s degree that is less than of other women. African females have a high labor force percentage that is about71%, and other women are at 69% of the whole population, it is better than others.


Only 64% of black women held in white collar jobs while 8% are doing blue collar jobs. Black women are the head of 29% of all black households which is very higher than the other women. According to 2008 the most of black people in America were Christian generic, and the least are Muslims.26.4 million black people earn $ 135 billion annually in black business. According to the elections of 2008 & 2012, it seems that the black vote was a key to the Democratic Party rather than other parties.

We can conclude that black people in America are slowly moving towards betterment. Motivated and fueled by the election of a Black President.

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